Modern War Tactics

All items on this webpage will be connected to tactics in some shape or form. Under each item I will give a brief explanation of how this data connects to the main idea of Modern Tactics. 

Video Source 

Old techniques such as camouflage still are very important for ground troops , the video above displays key techniques used still by modern military components. Blending into an environment is and will always be necessary for anyone interested in surviving in enemy terrain.


‘Basic Squad Tactics’  that are used with ground troops.


‘Survival Combat Tactics’ are standard movements that troops should use to avoid enemies during movements.


Due to conflicts such as the past Gulf War , Iraq , and Afghanistan, New Mraps ( Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected)  revised new troop vehicles. Information regarding the update will be reviewed in the video. Below

Video Source



The next Section Will briefly go over the use of Drones, all of these drones are used for spying for enemy terrain data such as missile sites, use for recovery missions and spying on military troop movements.



U.S. Dominance in Drone Technology’ 

The video above explains the amount that Drones are involved with U.S, military operations. The specifications of these drones and how they can stay operational for weeks without the need to be recharged. The Analyst Paul Floyd gives a through run down of technology in use.


‘Panther UAV/UGV’ 

This prototype “Panther” will be used in future missions when completed to supply U.S. Forces as well as NATO and other ally forces for the missions that require supplies or more man power to be delivered in a zone that may require quick land mobility and then need to fly out of a danger zone.


‘Robo Raven’

The use of smaller drones are for units such as Special Forces, Green Berets, Rangers and Navy Seals. These small attack forces can afford to use these very discrete devices in order to get data needed in that area that they are operating in so that they can make real time decisions, in comparison to these regular sized drones that relay slightly delayed information due to the altitude they are flying at.


Ally Cooperation and operations [section]


Getting troops trained to work with UAV’s

Patriot Seven Source 


Ranking of other countries usefulness to U.S. Below


Army War Game to research simulated war scenarios , incorporating ally troops or solely our troops alone if needed.  Photo Linked to source

Army War Game Simulation Map Printout


Bases World Wide

Photo represents world wide strategic points to launch attacks against any opposing forces strategically.  Keep in mind the Navy is always in every major ocean ready to support ground forces if needed.  [photo links to source]


Antimissile Defense systems in use with all American Allies.

In the case that any missiles are launched from a Non-NATO member we have automatic missile systems prepared to launch quicker than we can debate a response program.






Outspending other countries to prepare for war is an American tactic that seems to be working. Examples of how money being spent on different economic issues in comparison to military programs funded by the government using our taxes will be shown below.


China Spending Vs. United States

Photo Linked to Original Source



Image Links to Source Page
U.S. Military Spending V.S. World Spending

Purchasing power helps in pushing suppliers to work to our terms since we purchase most of their supplies, and force sales to be regulated either through over purchasing, under purchasing or impose sanctions.



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