World War I and World War II Weapons

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Technology of War.

Technology can be a very broad topic, but it can also be specified into  certain points. I will mostly talk about the equipment U.S soldiers used during the two World Wars and technology advancements at the time. War exist all over the world, every country has some sort of military. During World War I many soldiers died because of the new technology, weapons and old tactics used. World war II was responsible for taking the most lives because of the same reason. Technology developments produced the deadliest weapons ever seen during this era. In this paper I will mostly be talking about the guns, explosives, vehicles, and aircrafts used in World War One. I will later move on to talk about the similar topics, but about World War II. Then finally compare the two wars and explain how without these intense battles, we wouldn’t be where we are today in war technology.

World War I is known for being a war that was fought in the trenches. When attacks were planned the soldiers would run out of their trenches, trying to reach and take over enemy territory. Before any enemy positions were captured, Soldiers would cut through long stretch of barbwire before they could use their weapons and every victory, almost always led to a terrible lost in lives. Barbed wire was not only a weapon used in World War I it was also part of the soldiers tactics. They would set up yards of barbed wire to keep enemies from coming in to their territory. Some solders would get tangled up and then be shot before have a chance to free themselves. Barbed wire was a very effective and proved to be a great defense weapon. A very famous and well-known gun that came from and was used by the U.S was the Winchester model 1912. This weapon was a designed for trench warfare and known as a trench gun. It was a pump action slide shotgun, designed for close range. This weapon would have most likely been seen used when enemies had entered trenches and were in close battle. The M1918 BAR was an automatic rifle that came from World War one. This weapon never really lived up to its expectations during World War One. It was used to shoot from the trenches to enemy trenches. Explosives where a huge in World War one since it was mostly fought in the trenches. The MK1 hand grenade was frequently used. This hand grenade had a timed fuse that was triggered by the solider and attempted to be thrown and land in enemy trenches. During World War One there was not much action from the United States. We entered the war late in attempt to put in end to it. The war was mostly fought in the trenches but one very special part of equipment did appear. Although it did not do much at during this war it was seen and improved for the future warfare. It was an armored tank designed by Britain. This weapon was said to “put in end to the stalemate in the trenches” machine guns and small cannons where attached to the tanks and moved the war in a different direction. The next set of equipment was first only used to keep visual on enemies. They where aircrafts later on during the war the where modified with machine-guns and used to drop bombs by the Germans. Also with the machine guns on planes their where battles that took place in flight and they where called dog fights. Although there are plenty more of weapons used during World War One, these are the most common and most well known by people

World War Two, similar but at the same time very different from World War One had many technology advancements learned from mistakes and situations that took place in World War One (Military Factory). World War two is known for being one of the deadliest battles in history. The Colt Browning M1895 was a machine gun redesigned and used in World War Two, made by the Untied states. This weapon made a small advancement that made a big difference. This gin ha redesigned the cooling system. In the pervious world war the machine guns had water-cooling systems, this made it difficult because guns would often jam because of low water supply in the battlefield. The Colt Browning m1895 made an air-cooling system to prevent the weapon from over heating and jamming. This helped soldiers because with these guns soldiers didn’t have to take the time to pour water into cooling systems. An explosive used in World War II similar to World war I is the Mk2 or known as the pineapple grenade This grenade also had a time fuse but the fuse was had a 5 second delay because the weapon was improved to create a bigger explosion of fragmentation. The grenade was known as the pineapple grenade because of its outer body shape said to look like a pineapple. It was designed with a different metal, stinger to cause more damage. Since World War Two was out of the trenches and on to the battle field there where many new designs of the tank. The tank was improved in many ways, stronger, faster and deadlier. One special design tank was one that can float used by the United States. 32 of these tanks where set out to sea but only 6 of them made it to the invasion of Nazi Germany. Once these tanks landed they where mistaken by weird looking boats and the United States gave Germany a tough time once revealed they where army tanks. The design was a seal that completely sealed a bottom part of the tank allowing it to float. The Flail tank was a crazy looking tank with a long front to it, attached to the long front was a spinning rod with long looking spiky chains “flailing” around and hitting the ground. This tank was designed to take out land mines or dentate them while being safely inside an armored tank. Another tank used in World War II was one designed to cut through tall grasses or woods. It was called the rinosours tank, it also had a long front to it used to plow and cut through almost anything including barbed wire. Many crazy ideas sprung up during this era. A bomb using a breed of bats was designed to be used against the Japanese. It was put into testing and successful but dropped before ever putting it into use because the invention of the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb is a very well known weapon that helped put in end to the World wars.

The technology used in both the world wars lead to bigger and better technology advancements for future wars fought, and many get ideas came about the equipment used during this era. Without the failures of weapons and ideas that came from both World War I and World War II we would not have be where we are today in technology. All new weapons and equipment is all based off past ideas and weapons that happened in this era.


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